Certification Exams

You know you’re a Tableau expert. Now show the world. If you’re exam-ready, TC16 is a great place to get your Tableau Desktop or Server certification at a reduced price. Qualified Associate and Certified Professional levels are available. Exams sell out quickly, so we recommend purchasing them during the registration process.

Important notes:

  • Only one exam is allowed per Conference attendee.
  • Certification fees are in addition to Conference registration and follow the Conference Cancellation policy.
  • Certifications are held on Monday, Thursday afternoon and Friday.
  • You should be ready to take the exam when you arrive at TC16. Training held at the Conference will not be sufficient to enable you to pass.
  • Exams purchased to be taken at the Conference are non-transferrable to online exams, and vice versa.
  • Should your exam have required prerequisites, you must meet the prerequisites at the time of testing or your exam will be cancelled in accordance with the Conference Cancellation policy.
  • Find more Tableau certification resources here.

Exam Schedule

Nov 7

Nov 10

Nov 11

Exams for Version 10 products will be available 1-3 months after product release. If you have achieved Version 9 Qualified Associate or Certified Professional, you only need to pass the Version 10 Delta exam to receive a new certificate and update your highest title to Version 10. Delta exams will be available online.

As a Version 8 or 9 title holder, you are also able to pass the Version 10 Qualified Associate exam to update your highest title to Version 10.

Email certification@tableau.com with questions.