Tableau Conference, on your phone

Tableau Conference 2016 app is live! Search for "Tableau Conference" or “Data16" in your app store and download the official conference app today. Discover what’s happening, plan your agenda, start connecting with others, and register for Hands-On Training sessions. This app will be your go-to guide during conference, so be sure to keep it handy.

Get an overview of how to use the app and make the most of your app experience, including details on how to pre-register for Hands-On Training sessions by checking out the mobile app page on the TC16 website.

Step One: Download the app

Need help logging in? We sent all registered attendees an email on October 17 with login details (the email address you used to register for conference and your registration ID number). If you are having trouble retrieving your registration ID, please reach out to Tableau Conference Operations and we will reach out as soon as possible.

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Getting started

Step Two: Login and customize your profile

After you have logged in with your registration email address and Registration ID, customize your profile by adding a profile photo and adding Tags. By creating Tags, attendees will receive session recommendations, as well as attendees who are on a similar same data path as you.

Step Three: Build your schedule

You can select any Breakout session that interests you and them to “My Favorites” by tapping the star next to each session. Easy peasy.

To register for Hands-On Training sessions, look for the green “Register” label. Tap to open the session details and select “Register”. Please note that attendees will have the capability to register for one Hands-On Training session per time slot while space is available. Due to high demand for these sessions, any open seats will be given to standby attendees 5 minutes before the session begins. If you registered for a Hands-On Training session, make sure to get to your session 5 minutes early.

Network with other attendees

When you attend a Meetup, use the “Around Me” tab in the “Attendees” section of the menu to find out which similar data enthusiasts are there as well.

Once “Tags” have been added to your profile, you will be given a list of “Recommended” attendees to network with. Find them on the “Recommended” tab, inside the “Attendees” section. Shoot them a message!

To use these feature, make sure to select the gear icon in your profile settings and select “Enable Location Alerts”, as well as “Opt-in for attendee list” and have it turned on. Customize as you see fit.

Download the Data16 app today

iTunes | Google Play | Windows Store

Please note minimum support needs required for mobile app based on device operating system. For Android the minimum supported operating system is now Android 4.1 Jelly bean. For iOS, Supported iOS Versions must be 8.0+. For Windows, we only support Windows 10.