Analytics: Answer your questions and uncover insights through data analysis. These sessions cover everything from calculations, to mapping, to statistics, and advanced analytics.

Dashboards & Design: Visualize, tell stories, and encourage other people to explore your data. Learn how to apply best practices for using text, color, and formatting to see and understand your data better.

Data: Get more from your data. Dig into preparing, connecting to, joining, and blending data.

Developer: Uncover the possibilities for developing with Tableau. Embed, connect, customize, and automate Tableau with all things API. Find out how to use web data connectors in all shapes and sizes.

IT & Server Administration: Administer your first instance of Tableau server or deploy Tableau across your enterprise. Get the low down on monitoring and automation, server configuration and architecture, scaling, and improving performance.

Research & Innovation: Learn about the academic research that drives Tableau innovation. Nerd out on studies of vision, perception, linguistics, and cognition by our very own research scientists. Get a sneak preview of the technological developments coming from Tableau Research.

Self-Service at Scale: Roll out Tableau across your enterprise and drive adoption. Learn how to create a culture of analytics—train people, build Centers of Excellence, and deploy Tableau's latest mobile and self-service features.

Tableau in Action: Find out how we use Tableau...AT Tableau. Plus, hear from our customers about the impact Tableau has on their business.


Beginner: Brand new to Tableau or just getting started? Looking for a refresher on concepts covered in Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals or Server Administration training? These sessions will get you up and running with the basics of data analysis, dashboard building, and administering Tableau Server.

Intermediate: Been working with Tableau regularly for 3-6 months? Need a refresher on the concepts covered in Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate or Server Architecture? These sessions will help you unlock your power user status. Dive into complex data connections and sophisticated analysis and visualization. Or, learn how to go big with your Tableau Server deployment.

Advanced: Are you the resident Tableau expert in your office? A power user who’s mastered the concepts covered in Desktop III: Advanced Training? These sessions will prepare you for Jedi training in no time. Get the most out of the more technical features in Tableau, and get the low down on large or complex server deployments.

Jedi: Read the KnowledgeBase, watched the training videos, and still hungry for more? Get the inside scoop on how Tableau works—under the hood. Learn how to tackle the toughest analytical tasks, and fine tune your enterprise server deployment.